• 16th October, 2014 - Fantastic position
    We stopped by this beautiful resturant and had coffee and a light lunch on our recent visit to Polis Town.
    Mikis could not be better placed to watch the comings and goings of the people of the town go about their daily business. The coffee and food were excellent and I highly recommend a visit if you are ever in the area.
  • 11th October, 2014 - Another taverna that's worth a try
    Although we only tried the seafood salad it was plentiful and delicious. Service was very good and timely albeit fairly quiet when we visited. Free wifi is always handy.
  • 6th October, 2014 - Good food
    Really liked this restaurant. Owner was very friendly and generous, food was good and the location was lovely.
  • 1st October, 2014 - Best in Polis
    Polis has a lovely little village centre with a good choice of restaurants. Mikis is at least equally the best and we tried several different ones during our holiday. It's very traditional, well laid out with plenty of space between the tables, extremely friendly and non-pushy staff and the food was excellent. We all had different dishes (I had lamb) and were all more than happy with them. We were even given complimentary drinks and sweets - a nice friendly touch. Try it out, I'm quite sure you won't be disappointed.
  • 13th September, 2014 - Casual lunch
    Lovely food, good value for money. Can take a while to cook as everything is cooked to order. Traditional Cypriot/Greek food. Nice seating area near Polis Square where you can sit and watch the world go by. Large portions too.
  • 9th September, 2014 - Family Tavern
    We had been in Polis for over a week before we discovered this tavern. We had the fish meze which was freshly cooked, hot and delicious. The other really nice thing about this tavern was that the meze was served in stages - not all at once where the food gets cold and you lose interest - which made for a very pleasant and relaxing meal. The meze was on offer, and with salad, dips, plenty of fresh bread, cake, melon and coffee, came in at under 35 euro for 2. We will return before we leave this lovely island. Lovely food, freshly-cooked and a relaxing and traditional atmosphere.
  • 17th August, 2014 - Superb
    Excellent food and attentive service. This place was recommended to me by my Hotel manager (Mariela Hotel) and it was lovely cooked food at very reasonable prices.
  • 15th August, 2014 - Excellent food in family-run taverna
    Traditional food cooked like how it used to be in Cyprus. Very friendly family and staff. Good value for money.
  • 3rd August, 2014 - fantastic value
    This is a fantastic value for money fish restaurant with brilliantly cooked food. Family run with excellent service.
  • 29th July, 2014 - Drinks and ice cream
    Nice little spot in the centre of Polis. We just stopped for drinks & ice creams for the kids but was very pleasant. Nice atmosphere.
  • 29th July, 2014 - Really enjoyable and good price
    We tried the this restaurant for an evening meal having visited for a drink and sampled the village wine a couple of days before. The menu is not extensive but the quality of the food was very good. Again, as with other restaurants, we received complimentary bread, melon, a small alcoholic drink AND cake throughout the evening. I had the Moussaka and it was the best i had tasted throughout our holiday. The village wine was very cheap, six and a half euros for a carafe, and didn't taste bad at all. The service was excellent with the staff very friendly and welcoming. We did not feel rushed at all and had an enjoyable night. I would recommend this restaurant and would go again if i were visiting this part of Cyprus.
  • 12th July, 2014 - One of my favourites
    It is family run and the owner is very friendly and welcoming. The food is always great and the menu is varied and not expensive. And you never feel rushed that is what we like about it.
  • 8th July, 2014 - Never a poor meal and great value
    It's always a pleasure eating with Miki and his lovely wife. Their food is so consistent, year in, year out.
    Nothing has changed since my last review. We ate there 4 times this holiday sampling moussaka, T bone, sheftalies, stifado and pork chop. Yes, the same choice as most other tavernas but just perfect.
    We very much like the space round the tables giving plenty of air and the relaxed attitude (don't expect fast food, it's a chilled night out!).
    I can't see why anyone wouldn't enjoy it (leave a bit of room for the complimentary cake - yum).
  • 2nd July, 2014 - Mikis is thoroughly recommended
    The food is always top-class and the service efficient and relaxed. Good open air tables and atmosphere. It is a basis Greek tavern with an extensive menu. Always busy and many regulars.
  • 7th June, 2014 - Enjoyable
    We have eaten at Mikis for the last four years we have holidays in Cyprus. Always have an excellent meal with very good wine and service. Not overpriced at all, between 30/40 euros per couple. Fresh tasty food Cypriot style. Will be going back in a few weeks time, can't wait. Miki and his family are friendly and hard working, always find time for a chat and a brandy.
  • 30th May, 2014 - Mousaka with a difference
    Just had a mousaka at Mikis Taverna, it was made with courgette (zucchini) instead of aubergine. It was really good. With a Kleftiko, two Keo beers, and two 7 Ups to make shandies, just under 30 Euros. That's what I like about Cypriot cooking, the variations, not only with region to region, but even family to family, as most cooks learnt from their mother or grandmother. The menus may appear the same but the actual foods can be different. Unlike UK, until fairly recent, there was very little population migration, the roads weren't there.
  • 29th May, 2014 - Great value
    This taverna is in the square, is family run and the service is low key, not slick. It's a good place to go for a quiet, laid back meal, where you can sit all night people watching. The food and drink is very good value, the fish meze was particularly good value and the house wine very drinkable.
  • 28th May, 2014 - Traditional Family-run Taverna. Great Value.
    Outdoor seating by a small car park in the centre of Polis. The owners gave good service and the food was very reasonably priced. A fish meze at 12.80 euro, drinks were also good value. Slower paced service and less business like than most of the other Polis restaurants. At the end of the meal we were offered, cake, fruit and a drink, much appreciated. Good worth a visit.
  • 27th May, 2014 - Great value, warm welcome.
    An 18-course fish meze for two, bottle of dry Persephone, 1/2 carafe of very drinkable local dry white, honey infused cake and coffees. For lunch in a very relaxed setting, all for Euro 39! And Miki is a very friendly and affable host who could not do enough for us. Great value, and Polis is such a charming village for a post-lunch stroll.
  • 8th May, 2014 - Traditional tavern.
    What a lovely traditional tavern with genuinely friendly staff. I would highly recommend. The restaurant is in a wonderful location in the centre of the old square.
  • 7th March, 2014
    This taverna was recommended to us, and it was well worth the journey from Pissouri. The family restaurant was authentic Cypriot, excellent fish meze, wine then complimentary coffee and cake. Will definitely go again next year.
  • 1st December, 2013 - Good
    We ate here on our last day of our holiday and it was 40+ in the shade. it was hot … we had a good lunch and the guy that runs it does about doing everything in the restaurant, it was possibly the best value restaurant in Polis. TRY it.
  • 10th November, 2013 -
    Do not be put off by the appearance of the elderly, sad-looking gentlemen he is the waiter. The food was delicious. 31 euros for starters, mains, melon and cake plus some drinks on the house, Priceless!
  • 1st November, 2013 - Ignore negative reviews, try it and make up your own mind.
    We had a week in Polis and ate at Miki's on 3 occasions. It's probably the best value for money taverna in the town. The fish platter for two was outstanding. Mikki and his wife are extremely friendly and generous, at the end of each meal we had free fruit, cake and brandy. Highly recommended.
  • 15th October, 2013 - Busy as ever
    Miki's is another old haunt worth a visit. It's not the top of the range in Polis but it's not the top of the prices either - it's certainly the good side of average and its good value Try to order wines from Vouni Panayia Winery if you can - they are very good.
  • 3rd October, 2013 - Enjoyable night out.
    We have tried this place once before but although it was nice not a place I rated much, however, this time we thought we would give it another try, and then ended up going there a lot. The food is lovely and the portions very large. The service is good and you always get a free sweet and liqueur. It is also one of the cheapest places we went to eat. The boss certainly knows how to get customers and keep them, a big thumbs up from us.
  • 2nd October, 2013 - Good food in nice quiet location
    We had a lovely meal here with good service and enormous pork chops, the pigs must be enormous. Check it out ...
  • 18th September, 2013 - That little bit extra
    While the central plaza of Polis is quite charming, we felt a bit apprehensive to sit down and eat in one of the restaurants there for fear of stumbling into a tourist trap. Just outside the square we came across Mikis. Now most places in Polis (and in fact most of Cyprus) do have a tourist trap feel due to the high number of pasty-white tourists all over the place and Mikis did have a few of them too. That being said we had a tasty Cypriot meal, with good (!) house wine, and were treated to watermelon and cake for dessert. Since we were the last ones there we were asked to join Mikis and his friend for some Ouzo and Zivania. We spent the rest of the evening drinking and laughing.

    I'm not usually one to visit the same place twice when on holiday but we decided to have our last meal of the trip here where we tried the fish meze. The Cypriots don't cook fish to the same high standards of Western Mediterranean destinations but I felt this was a good effort. Either way the service with a smile made it all worth it in the end.
  • 13th September, 2013 - Lovely restaurant.
    Just been Mikis Restaurant. Food very nice and at very reasonable prices. Only thing that did let it down were soggy chips but overall very good. Was even given free cake and watermelon for dessert and a complimentary liquor on the house which is always a bonus!! Thanks Miki!!
  • 19th August, 2013 - Just try the Meze and enjoy the family service.
    One very pleasant evening and we fell in love with this restaurant. The service was fantastic and the owner went out of his way to serve us (all 10 of us). The food was excellent, four of us had the fish meze, two had the standard meze and rest a selection of fish dishes. The meze was fantastic and the dishes just kept coming until we thought we would explode. Pudding consisted of traditional cake served with a huge slice of melon, just the perfect end of the meal. We would come back again and again.
  • 3rd August, 2013 - Great food.
    We ate here a few times, the food was always excellent and great value. This is a lovely traditional tavern, which gives excellent service and hospitality.
  • 13th July, 2013 - Service not in your face, good food.
    We've enjoyed two great meals at Mikis. A proper Greek family taverna where you're not harassed into being 'best friends' with the staff. The food is good value I'd recommend the chef's specials - well made Greek dishes usually fish based with a vegetarian alternative but other non Greek dishes if preferred.

    I can't stand the tourist service you get so often in restaurants on holiday where the waiters, proprietor etc etc try to tempt you in then artificially treat you and your family like long lost
    friends. None of that at Mikis but they are genuinely kind, hard working people that want you to enjoy a meal in the lovely town square. Thoroughly recommend.
  • 7th July, 2013 - Warm Welcome
    This was our 3rd visit to Polis over the last few years, and apart from trying three other restaurants, on our first visit, we have always dined at Mikis. Why? Good Food,Warm Welcome.
  • 2nd July, 2013 - one of the best
    We last visited this restaurant 18 years ago as a family, and could not believe the high standard of the food. In June 2013 we revisited Cyprus, staying at Latchi. After a short walk round Polis, we once again found MIKIS Tavern and after a gap of 18 years I was pleased that the restaurant has maintained the high standards. I would def recommend the Kleftico. It was nice to see that the owners were the same, and as usual, the meal was followed by cake/sliced melon, and brandy all gratis. They also have wifi, but why fiddle when you can enjoy one of the best meals in Polis. It seems that time stands still on this paradise island.
  • 29th June, 2013 - Good food, great value
    Visited Mikis Tavern twice. I had fish both times and my wife had Moussaka which she said was the best she had ever tasted. My fish was good but not great. I had a prawn cocktail starter which was huge and very tasty. After each meal we were given cake and then water melon and finally brandies - all on the house. The prices are extremely reasonable and I would say probably the best value in Polis.
  • 26th June, 2013 - Excellent - an unusual accolade from me.
    We're back again in Polls (reviewed Mikis last year). What definitely hasn't changed is his prices. Other tavernas appear to have increased them. Portion size and quality, still great. For downright good value you can not go wrong with the huge pork chop. Other recommendations, Stifado still my favourite in town. Mousakka served simply with a salad (instead of potato) is a good choice too. Followed by, on the house drink, melon and home made cake. No pressure. No fancy waiters. Family values.
  • 28th May, 2013 - Polis Taverna
    We were very pleased with this taverna. We ate an evening meal there and we also had daytime drinks there (not alcoholic). There is free wifi. Great food and fabulous service. Cannot fault it. Try it!
  • 21st May, 2013 - Cibo buono, prezzo ottimo
    La sera che abbiamo deciso di pernottare a Polis, ci siamo fatti consigliare il posto del gestore del Mariela Hotel Appartaments. Posto veramente carino, in piazzetta e molto caratteristico. Abbiamo mangiato il meze(22 assaggi) di Pesce e speso solo 16€ a testa, con vino dolce e uzo greco.

    Super consigliato!!

    Good food, great value

    The night we decided to stay in Polis, we made recommending the place of the operator of Mariela Hotel Apartments. Really nice place, in the square and very quaint. We had the meze (22 courses) Fish and spent only 16 € per head, with sweet wine and ouzo greek. Super recommended!
  • 13th May, 2013 - I really like this place
    I had the second best pork chop I've ever had here ( the best was in Gerani, Crete several years ago). This tavern does not have overly friendly waiters or a really in your face front of house guy. What it does have is extremely good quality food, the best I had over the week spent in Polis, at very good value for money prices and the local wine on offer is not bad either. I'm a big fan. Thank you!
  • 6th May, 2013 - Fabulous
    Been in Polis two weeks and mainly eaten around main square, stumbled upon Miki's tonight, it was empty so a bit apprehensive. BUT it was fantastic, cheaper than any other restaurant but food, quality, service better than the rest … and the extras to die for, definitely recommended !
  • 4th May, 2013 - A magical night
    Friends were visiting from the UK, and we all went to Miki's on Easter Saturday evening. It was warm and pleasant sitting outside, as the sun had gone down. People strolling across the old square make this a great place for people-watching. Our evening meal, which began at about 7.30, finally came to a close just before midnight. Long and relaxed, with fish meze a delight, good company and fine wine. The pièce de résistance came towards the end of the meal, when we were all enjoying complimentary drinks, when Miki arrived with a platter of fresh sardines. We had all eaten well but the sardines were just sublime.
  • 5th March, 2013 - Simpatia e cordialità
    Ho soggiornato a Polis due giorni per visitare la splendida baia di Fontana Amoroza. Ho cenato entrambe le sere da Mikis gestito da un ex avvocato cipriota. Il cibo è eccellente e le porzioni abbondanti. Il personale è molto cordiale e il gestore è molto simpatico oltre ad avere un passato affascinante.
    Si può gustar un buon caffè cipriota e lo stesso vale per la mitica Zivania.
    Da provare!

    Sympathy and kindness

    I stayed in Polis for two days to visit the beautiful bay of Fontana Amoroza. I ate both nights at Miki's run by a former lawyer in Cyprus. The food is excellent and the portions were generous. The staff is very friendly and the manager is very nice as well as having a fascinating past. It can gustar a good coffee Cyprus and the same applies to the mythical Zivania. Try it!
  • 2nd March, 2013 - Cheap Fish Meze
    We visited Miki's Tavern at January 2013 to eat fish.
    It brings you a variety of plates and fishes for only 12-13 euros per person. The only negative is that all fishes are fried. Instead it could be cooked on grill.
    Nice cozy place.
    Just visit it!
  • 28th February, 2013 - Birthday Party
    For my 60th Birthday, my wife arranged a lunchtime meal with friends at Miki's, which has become our favourite restaurant. The weather was cool and chilly (for Cyprus) and so Antonia, Miki's wife, had moved our table inside to the restaurant.

    Welcome drinks, some gorgeous food (my wife and I shared the Fish Meze, and I swear Miki kept adding dishes to our tables when we weren't looking), and a most lovely atmosphere. Miki and Antonia, and the lovely Tina, could not do enough for us. A long, long lunch finally ended. When I returned a couple of days later to settle the bill, I could not believe how little we paid for a fabulous party.

    This must be the most relaxing, friendliest place to eat and drink in Polis, and Miki's dry sense of humour is delightful.
  • 4th February, 2013 - Fish Meze
    18 plats, incluant dessert et café pour 12.80€ . C'est déja une motivation pour y entrer.
    En plus c'est bon, c' est copieux et l' intérieur fait vieille taverne de port, avec quelques peintures murales du plus charmant effet.
    Le vin, au verre, est buvable.
    Le ouzo en apérétif est une obligation pour se sentir dans l' ambiance des lieux.
    Certainement un des moins chers de Polis. Nous l' avons choisi par hasard !
    Adresse à suivre.

    fish meze

    18 dishes, including dessert and coffee for € 12.80. This is already an incentive to enter. Plus it's good, it's hearty and inside is old port tavern with some murals most charming effect. The wine by the glass is drinkable. The ouzo aperetif is an obligation to feel in the atmosphere of the place. Certainly one of the cheapest Polis. We have chosen by chance! Address to follow.
  • 9th November, 2012 - Character and excellent service
    We moved to Cyprus a few weeks ago and Miki's Tavern in Polis was the first tavern we visited. What a lovely place, and Miki and his wife and staff are just so friendly and helpful. We visit regularly as we live just outside Polis and the food has always been delicious and the atmosphere great. It's also fabulous for people-watching as everyone eventually walks through the square. We were trapped there for hours with friends during a spectacular thunderstorm and ate and drank far too much. My wife offered to pay for us all by card (as we discovered, Miki's is cash only), but no problem. It was all sorted out easily and without fuss. If you visit Polis, then a visit, or two or three, will make your holiday.
  • 16th October, 2012 - Great Value
    This is a very good place for a well-cooked and relaxing meal. There is an excellent choice of local and international dishes.The local village wine is good and surprisingly cheap.The service is friendly. Meals in Polis are generally inexpensive by UK standards and I would say that this restaurant gives particularly good value for money. One touch I liked is that you are offered a choice of complimentary drink at the end of the meal - brandy, liqueur or variety of coffee - rather than a Cyprus brandy whether you like it or not.
  • 23rd September, 2012 - Nice relaxing meal
    A very relaxing place to eat situated at the start of the square and therefore very quiet.
    The old buildings making a nice backdrop against the fading light,
    very quaffable carafes of white wine.
    staff friendly plus give you free cake/fruit and ouzo to finish.
    We went there 3 times, my favourite to eat in Polis.
    We had sword fish and halibut - very nice dining experience.
  • 17th September, 2012 - A must if you like good food
    My husband had swordfish & I had grilled snapper. Both meals were cooked to perfection & washed down with a carafe of the local red & all for under 24 euros …Try it & you will not be disappointed. The service was excellent … We left full & happy & will return next time we are in Polis.
  • 10th July, 2012 - Great Value
    Value for money, plenty of choice, large portions, free piece of homemade cake and a choice of tea, coffee or liqueur after your meal.
  • 9th July, 2012 - Great home-cooked food
    We've been eating at Miki's for several years. It took us some time to try it in the first place as it is on the perimeter of the town centre and often looked under patronised.
    The menu may not be huge and is of standard taverna fare but what it delivers is of very good quality and at a reasonable price. Rice or a jacket potato is also an option which we appreciate as potentially 2 weeks of chips is not ideal.
    Miki always serves a basket of bread to start and unlike other establishments he offers to refill it (probably as bad as a potion of chips!).
    Two of our favourite mains are Stifado (the best in Polis in my view) and the mixed grill, the later whilst not appearing to be huge is a very deceptive size.
    To finish, the house serves a lovely light home-baked cake and a complimentary drink.
    Don't let anything put you off. This is a great chilled out place to eat. There is no pretence. It is a truly honest family business.
  • 1st July, 2012 - Great service
    We tried Miki's Tavern the third night of our holiday and found the service great, food was good and big portions. We found the owner friendly and asked if we were enjoying our meal.We visited this restaurant the third, fourth, fifth night and tried different meals each night and can honestly say every night the food was good and excellent value. Recommend to anyone visiting Polis you won't be disappointed
  • 28th June, 2012 - Relaxing
    We were unsure whether to visit this place as whenever we passed it seemed very quiet. However looks can be deceiving, the food was excellent and value for money, drinks reasonably priced. If like me in warm weather you fancy a long non-alcoholic drink try the HOMEMADE lemonade it's delicious.
  • 7th March, 2012 - Very relaxing place to unwind
    This is one of our favourite places in Polis. We often stop for a cup of tea, coffee or one of the delicious toasted sandwiches they have available at Lunchtime.
    It is a great people-watching spot as it is situated in the long street frequented by tourists and the local community each day.
    We always have a fish meze at this restaurant. It is very reasonably priced and we thoroughly enjoy trying all the different fish especially the local varieties on offer. It is sometimes difficult to park your car on the large square next to the restaurant but there are several car parks close by. Plenty of sun umbrellas available and a great place to stop awhile to cool down.
  • 7th October, 2011 - The most relaxed place in Polis
    We love this place Miki is so kind nothing bothers him and you feel totally relaxed sitting
    having your meal outside overlooking the square
    food is very good and always get offered complimentary cake drink etc
    would definitely go back
  • 6th August, 2011 - Genuine family-run restaurant
    In a quieter square slightly away from other restaurants this turned out to be my favourite. Ate there 3 times in 2 weeks. Other restaurants may be a bit smarter and have more staff but if this is not too busy (if it is you will have to be patient) then it offers excellent home style cooking.

    Don't get carried away tho'. We are talking Greek cooking which is basically beef stew, fish (all lightly battered) and moussaka etc. Can't remember the last TV series on Greek food but this is as good as it gets and the stifados consisted of fat free chunks of beef in a delicious sauce/gravy. But it was still a beef stew!

    Two of us having one beer, starter, couple of half carafes and main course never paid more than 32 euros. The cake and coffee was always free (plus a small Filfar liqueur - poor man's Grand Marnier but lighter and local) and at that price you can't knock it. Mind you a group of Brits did one night but there were 3 tables of 6 and plenty of other diners - 3 times the number on other nights - and the service was slow. Seemed to be a complaint about a vodka and lime which probably tells you all you need to know about those diners! The rest of us enjoyed the warm night and waited and everyone seemed happy in the end. It is that sort of place and we received an apology for the wait and the usual freebies plus the low bill.

    If it doesn't sound like your sort of place, then don't try it; and the service will be great, as it was for two of our meals, as it won't be too crowded!
  • 13th July, 2011 - Quiet, family atmosphere
    We ate at many restaurants in 14 nights but came back to Miki's 3 times. Good quality fresh fish and not the most expensive cut. The meze of 18 dishes was cheap and tasty … we enjoyed the hospitallity and little extras … look out for the cake … wonderful
  • 10th July, 2010 - We went back and back and back
    They cook the best stifado in Polis, we should know we tried it in 4 other tavernas. Lovely family, free cake and drink of choice. Probably the best value in town. Finikas food compares favourably but this has so much more rustic charm.
  • 27th May, 2010 - Great value for money - surprisingly good
    We weren't sure that we liked the look of Miki's although we'd noticed they usually had a few people in there.

    Ask what's fresh (usually sea bream) as the widely-promoted Fish Meze for 13 euro is mostly made up of frozen/imported fish. We ordered a small starter of halloumi and some dips, followed by sea bream, with home made chips and tartare sauce. The main course was really good. Coffee & cake on the house and a pleasant surprise when the bill came. Total was 32 euro for 2 people with a litre of house wine.
  • 27th October, 2009 - Very welcoming
    We ate at Miki's several times while on holiday in Polis. The owner made us feel very welcome. The food was good and the house wine very drinkable. We noticed a lot of other people who return there frequently and that says everything. Well worth a visit.
  • 8th June, 2009 - Well worth a visit - it won't be your last
    Lovely food at a fair price - excellent service plus complimentary coffee and home-made syrup and semolina cake to finish ! Peaceful surroundings although in the main square - we ate there a few times - try it.
  • 21st September, 2008 - Great fish meze - recommended
    We just returned from Polis and ate 3 times at this restaurant. Save yourself all day, have nothing after breakfast and order the Fish Meze for about 13 euros. We did this twice.
    This has 18 or so dishes (for 2 to share) and is a great selection of fish and dips. Our favourites were the king prawns, silver bream and halibut. But the Tahini and Houmous were great too - I can't remember all the other bits!
    Finished off with a small piece of cake, and a brandy/coffee/ameretto on the house.
    Polite attentive staff, nice area outside to watch the world go by whilst you await your feast!

    (Note - We rarely eat twice at the same place)

Telephone: 26 321586
Mobile: 99408146